Feet First’s Dance Display “All About the Feet”

Feet First’s Dance Display “All About the Feet”

Sheffield Winter Gardens

For the final event of the season, we were very proud to be invited to join Feet First, arguably the UK’s best Appalachian dance team, in their Dance Display in the beautiful Winter Gardens in Sheffield along with Clogarhythm and Cricket On The Hearth.

With very appreciative audiences throughout the day, we enjoyed dancing and socialising with the other teams.

Sadly it was the last dance out for our musicians of over 20 years standing, Paul and Rita. Following a speech and presentation of flowers, we danced as they played “Laughing Boy” for the last time – very emotional for us all. We will miss Paul and Rita, but look forward to the soon to be held farewell meal when we’ll all get together and wish them a fond farewell.